CAN Thesis Prize for the best PhD thesis on astroparticle research

As of 2023 CAN has introduced a CAN Thesis Prize for the best PhD thesis within the field of astroparticle research at a Dutch University or Research Institute.

The prize will be awarded on an annual basis. The winner will receive 1000 Euro and will be invited to the CAN symposium for giving a keynote on their research.

Nominations have to be made by the Promotor, Co-promotor or Supervisor of the thesis. Theses will be judge by a subcommitee of the CAN, based on the following criteria: the contribution to the body of academic knowledge (40%), the originality of the approach (25%), the soundness of the methodology used (20%), The impact of the research (15%).

Nominations for the 2023 thesis prize (i.e. all theses defended within the calendar year of 2022 are eligible) is now open!

Application procedure: One of the (Co-)-Promotors or (Co-)Supervisors has to fill the application form and submit it before the closing date of 15th of April 2023 via email to "CAN-thesis-prize at".